One of the Most Effective Treatments for Hair Loss
October 19th, 2008
Provillus for Women

For many women, there’s hardly a more unwanted and scary thought than a thought about losing hair.provillus For men, hair loss is more natural process, thus it is supposed to be more expected by a certain age. For women, on the contrary, hair loss can turn into a sudden severe hurt to their ego, pride, self-perception and sex appeal. At the same time, hair loss in women is not a rare situation anymore: some experts argue that every fourth modern lady sooner or later has to face and combat this problem.
Why do women experience this problem? There is a great deal of causes of female hair loss, and all of them must be considered by every women who is trying to find out the most probable reason of her hair thinning.

  1. Hormonal changes and misbalances. Such periods as pregnancy, breastfeeding and menopause are strongly linked to massive hormonal changes. That is why hair loss is very frequent in pregnant or menopausal women.
  2. Genetic predisposition. This factor is supposed to be characteristic for men, however, about 15% of women, who have family history of female hair loss, are at very high risk of experiencing this problem.
  3. Some medications. There is a great deal of medicines which can cause hair loss and, certainly, oral contraception pills are the leading medicines that bring to female hair thinning and baldness.
  4. Diets and sudden changes of weight. Many diet plans have very rigid diet outlines, sometimes causing lack of vitamins and microelements necessary for creating favorable and beneficial environment for normal follicle development and hair growth.
  5. Stresses, depressions and psychological traumas. Sudden hair loss can be a result of long-term psychological problems and disorders.
  6. Poor and improper hair care. As a result of hair care product abuse, excessive use of hair dryers or frequent bleaching, women’s hair becomes weak, brittle, damaged, and tends to fall out.
  7. Diseases. Such diseases as thyroid disease or diabetes (usually accompanied with stresses and psychological problems) can be a reason of thinning hair.

When it comes to looking for solutions for hair loss, you must consider all possible factors. Some women prefer changing their hair style and waiting for the time when the environment for hair growth will be naturally restored and optimized. Some women opt for natural safe solutions, which can aid in restoring their hair. Provillus for Women, an effective and very popular hair loss treatment of our times, is one of those. Its revolutionary formula is based on a variety of natural microelements, vitamins, nutrients and herbal extracts, such as biotin, Vitamin B, magnesium, zinc, extracts of Horsetail Plant, Pumpkin Seeds, Eleuthero and other medicinal herbs.

Provillus for WomenThe first advantage of Provillus for Women is its unique therapeutic composition, which was designed specially for women, taking into account specific nature of female type of hair loss. Female hair loss pattern is non-fixed, and usually it is caused by a greater variety of reasons than male pattern baldness is. At the same time, female hair loss is considered to be a part of aging process, and overwhelming majority of women who have entered into menopause have to face this problem. However, in the abundance of hair loss control products for men, there is hardly an effective competitive treatment in the market of hair loss products, which is created specifically for the needs of modern ladies.

Another important benefit of this significant product is its complex approach to solving the problem of thinning hair. On the one hand, it blocks dihydrotestostrone (DHT) production in your body, this way eliminating one of the main causes for hair loss. Excessive amounts of the male hormone DHT, which can be also found in women, is responsible for hair loss in 95% of men. On the other hand, Provillus for Women provides your scalp with all necessary nutrients and microelements, that assists in nourishing and feeding you hair follicles, as well as for producing new healthy hair. Therefore, Provillus can not only stop hair loss, but also helps in re-growing your hair!

You must remember that this product is made from high quality raw materials approved by the FDA as safe and effective ingredients for hair loss treatment. Since the constituents of Provillus for Women are of natural origin, there are almost no side effects after taking this product. Medical tests showed that only allergic or very sensitive women can have such minor reactions on taking Provillus for Women as slight itching, dizziness or fast heartbeat. That is why this special treatment for hair loss is recommended for every modern lady and can be purchased without any prescription.

Most of us do not feel comfortable losing hair and being bald, that is why we need a fast, safe and high-quality solution which really works! If you are looking for an effective treatment for hair loss, talk to a trihologist (a specialist in treating human hair and scalp problems) or your therapist about all the options available for your particular situation. Definitely, your doctor knows a lot of women, who have tried Provillus for Women, re-gained their beautiful hair back and were happy with the results. Provillus for Women is a very powerful remedy for hair loss, which will not make you wait for long time to start noticing positive changes and enjoying your gorgeous hair again. With this wonderful natural formula, you will forget about thinning hair just in few weeks!